Friday, February 08, 2013

FO Friday: My First Sweater

Welcome to FO (Finished Object) Friday!

 This was my first time knitting a sweater and my third time knitting anything!  I was so happy with the result.  In fact, I was too excited during the knitting to stop and check the gauge, which I hear is really important.  But the final product fit, so I'm happy!  
I actual made this back in September, but since I'm super behind on my blog, I might as well catch you up on the projects I've already finish, right?

Here are a few pictures of the Bean wearing her sweater.  She wasn't super cooperative about pictures, so I got what I could.  Apparently this sweater is good for all sorts of activities, including:




and chewing on your pajamas...

Pattern: Nature Baby Kimono by Lion Brand Yarn
Yarn: stash (seriously, I have no idea what yarn I used, I've probably had it for a decade)
Needles: size 8 SPN


Jessi said...

This is so stinkin' cute I can't believe it. Of course it helps to have such a precious model.

Also, I'm pretty sure you are too young to have had yarn for a decade. That is all.

Lisa said...

I realize this might shock you, but I'm 30. :) (It still shocks me sometimes)

Jessi said...

Sorry, that's impossible. If you're 30, that would make me almost 35 and that is clearly not true. I think I'm 17.

Lisa said...

Ha! :) I must be mistaken. You're definitely 17. At least, that's the Jessi I remember.