Friday, February 15, 2013

FO Friday: Christmas

Yes I know it's February, but I don't have any recent finished projects.  
So, until I do, you get old ones that I never posted.

For Christmas I had a goal to make all of the Christmas gifts.  
I failed.

But I got about half of them done!  So we'll call it a partial win.  
Next year I'll start earlier...

This hat for my father-in-law

A cowl for my dad, for when he rides his motorcycle.

Me modeling the cowl.

 Matching outfits for my niece and nephew.  
Ellie also has a skirt in the same fabric.  

 I was originally going to make this blanket out of granny squares, but decided it would be quicker and more fun to make it out of fleece squares.  I made it for my nephews.  I only made one.  
They have to share it...but I'm sure they'll survive.

I'm really proud of this hat.  I made up the pattern.  I started off thinking I would use a basic hat pattern, but then I decided to just wing it!  It was really fun!  It was for Nick's stepdad, who is a huge UT Vols fan, which should explain the color choices.

 Stephen wearing his hat on Christmas morning.

 This kiddos wearing their matching outfits

I should have fixed the lighting issue...

 My dad being a goofball with his neckwarmer.

The boys and their blanket (the other two boys are underneath it somewhere).

I also made a scarf for my sister-in-law and put together a Shutterfly photo book for my parents (not pictured).  So I may not have finished everything I wanted to accomplish, but when I put it all together on this post, it feels pretty significant.

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