Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, James!

Ten years ago tonight, I was sitting in my Monday night Education Lab, very impatiently waiting for class to end so I could go to the hospital.  Apparently I was so impatiently I was literally a distraction.  I wouldn't shut up about my nephew, who was about to enter this world at any moment, and I was missing it!  My professor was nice enough to let me leave early, probably because I wouldn't shut up and she wanted to get on with class.

I made it to the hospital mere minutes after this perfect little person was born.

My family calls me a baby hog, and rightfully so.  He was absolutely perfect in every possible way.  I know they tell you you'll fall in love with your own children the minute you meet them, but I never expected to fall so completely in love with my nephew the way I did. 
For the first three years of his life, I got to see him nearly every day.  Then I moved to Tennessee, and missing all those little milestones, that silly face, was very sad. 

Now he's a serious ten year old.  He's practically a grown man. He's taller than my mom, although in this family that doesn't take much (sorry mom). 

James, you have been the joy during some very sad times in this family.  You are an amazingly patient and loving big brother.  You are incredibly talented and intelligent and you have inherited some killer Lego building skills.  I am so proud of you and I love you very much. 

Happy Birthday!