Thursday, June 05, 2014

30 Day Ab Challenge: Day 3 & 4

Yesterday was Day 3 on the Ab Challenge, so I did 25 sit ups, 10 crunches, 10 leg raises and a 15 second plank.  I've noticed that, for me, the sit ups and leg raises are the most challenging.  Is anyone else following along?  Which parts are you finding most challenging?

We also took a trip to the zoo yesterday, which involved a lot of walking.  Nothing fast paced, since we were frequently stopping to look at animals, but 3 hours on your feet is still burning calories.

Today was Day 4, rest day, so I spent my day working on another project: organizing.  Another one of my goals this summer is to get the house more organized so that we can more easily keep it clean.  The last few days I've been focusing on clothes.  I went through Ellie's clothes, organized and stored her baby clothes and sorted out some to give away.  Then I went through the master bedroom closet.  I do this pretty regularly, but I still managed to fill three bags to donate.  I kept one small bin of clothes that are too small.  If they don't fit by this time next year, they're out (including my favorite pants from college).

Tomorrow I'll be working on the guest/craft room.  That room is always a challenge.

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