Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ramblings: The Grocery Store

Ok, i finally made my list and went to the store.  I don't know why this has become such a chore.  I hate making a grocery list and I always irrationally panic that I've left something off, as if I can never go back to the store again.
Lately I've been craving salty snacks, but I'm trying to eat healthy.  I bought Triscuits as my salty snack.  Oh, and pretzels, but I don't really like pretzels (I don't really like Triscuits either.  I wanted potato chips).  I managed to walk away from the pudding and cheesecake mixes in the bakery aisle that were calling my name.  Like, really loudly calling my name.  I also had chocolate chips on my list in case I felt the urge to make cookies, but I didn't buy them.  Mostly because there was a guy in the way and Ellie was getting fussy, so I just gave it up.  Whatever works, I guess...
Nick brought home some frozen par-cooked tempura chicken (he brings home random free food sometimes).  We've been slowly eating it.  I made stir fry with it one night.  Ellie has been eating for lunch.  I'm going to make mac n cheese and have tempura chicken with it.  Not super healthy, but definitely easy.  He's also going to bring home french fries and so one night we'll have more tempura chicken and some french fries.  I try to be healthy, but free food definitely makes me willing to stray from my rules because in the end I'm just really lazy.
I really want to try the chocolate cake from Pinterest where you take a cake mix and add one cup of greek yogurt.  I'm curious, but I have a rule about only going to the store once a week.  I don't go back, unless absolutely necessary.  We'll see if chocolate cake becomes absolutely necessary....

Oh and I bought beer.  There go all my calories.

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