Friday, March 29, 2013

FO Friday: Easter Outfits

In my last FO Friday post, I mentioned that I made a skirt for my niece.  Well, I did.  And a little more...

I didn't end up doing a WIP Wednesday post because I had been so busy making stuff I forgot to write about it.  I made matching Easter outfits for my niece and nephew.  I can't wait to see them in these!  I tried them on Ellie to see how they fit.  The funny part is that both outfits fit Ellie even though one is 12 month size and the other is a 3T shirt.  Ellie actually fits in 12 month clothes.  The 3T shirt was too big, but I tucked it into the skirt so you can't really tell.  She wasn't a very cooperative model, it was mostly me chasing her around the house with the camera.

First up, my niece's outfit:

I made the skirt from scratch.  It's a circle skirt, which is one of the easiest things to make, great for beginners (or people like me who just haven't sewed in a really long time).  One of these days I might make a tutorial.  But for today you just get pictures.  The waist band is just the exposed elastic.  I picked the gray suiting fabric because it's a good neutral.  She can wear it with any t-shirt all summer long.  Plus it's lightweight, so it makes the shape of the circle skirt fun and bouncy.

For the shirt, I found a plain white shirt second hand.  I really should have taken a before/after shot of this shirt.  It already had the color, but the sleeves were full length.  I shortened them to be elbow length, but retained the original hem using this method.  Then (after hours of contemplating) I added the ribbon down the middle and the bow at the neckline.  I think it gives it a 1960s mod look.  

Wearing here daddy's shoes.

When you put the whole outfit together on our rambunctious little model it looks like a prep school uniform.  I love how it turned out!

Next up, my nephew's outfit:

Both his pants and onesie were found second hand.  The onesie was the most challenging part, but I knew exactly what I wanted and I think it turned out great.  I cut the tie out of the gray fabric and ironed on some interfacing to help it stiffen.  That way it would hold its shape better when I sewed it to the onesie.  Then I pinned the ribbon to the front to look like suspenders.  I'm not sure how other people sew onto a onesie, but it is not easy!  It looks like a balled up mess while you're working, but somehow (assuming you pinned everything well), it all works out in the end.  
The plan was to sew a little strip of ribbon onto the pocket of his pants, but after several tries on the sewing machine, several more tries by hand, some serious fray of the ribbon, and two broken needles, I gave up.  The pocket ribbon was not meant to be.  *Sigh*

I think she looks pretty cute in a tie.

When Ellie tried on the outfit she was wild.  I mean, seriously wild.  Trying to get a picture was challenge because she was running from one end of the house to the other.  These are just a few that I got that weren't terribly blurry.

I had a couple other ideas to add to their outfits, but there wasn't enough time.  At some point I really want to make my nephew a little newsie cap and I had all the materials to make my niece a matching headband (with ribbon wrapped around the headband), but can you believe I don't own a glue gun!?  I don't!  I have no idea how I got this far without owning a glue gun.  I foresee a trip to the store in my near future.  She might get that headband after all, just not in time for Easter. 

The original plan was to make Ellie an outfit to match as well, but we won't be seeing them at Easter, so I slacked on Ellie's outfit.  I'll finish it at a later date and hopefully I'll update with a picture of the three cousins!


Here they are in all their cuteness!


Anonymous said...

How cute those outfits are! Your talents are amazing, Lisa.

Sleep Goblin said...


Also, Ellie is an excellent cross dresser, love it :)

Lisa said...

Thank you, both of you! :)