Monday, June 17, 2013


I took my blog down for awhile.  At first I just felt too tired.  Having a toddler is exhausting (some of you might already know that) and trying to come up with interesting, witty blog posts was, quite frankly, last on my priority list.  By the end of a day of tantrums, time-outs and refusing to eat (and don't even get me started on what Ellie did), all I wanted to do was sit in front of the TV with a giant bowl of ice cream and let my brain go numb.

Then, my grandma died.  I had several half-written blog posts in my head about how wonderful it was to grow up knowing my grandparents so well, how much she taught me, how lucky we were that she got to meet so many of her great-grandchildren, and how I didn't realize how alike we were until she was gone.  But I could never get the words to come out right.  There really weren't any words that could do it justice.  So I just took the blog down.

I took it off my list.

I stopped trying to force it.

And things started to get better.  I decided to finish projects that had been in limbo forever.  I finished the gift for my cousin's baby, I sewed Ellie's pillowcase dress, and I opened the Etsy shop.
I still feel exhausted at the end of a tantrum-filled day, but they aren't all bad.  Ellie is at a really fun age and, inbetween the Terrible Twos, she's a little sponge that can't wait to discover new things.  I'm finding all of my little projects extremely cathartic (and maybe a tad healthier than that bowl of ice cream).

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