Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The leaves are changing and there is already a thick layer on the ground waiting to be raked.  I'm putting it off because I really want to dress Ellie up and take her picture in them before they're all gone.  Anything for a cute photo op, right?

I love fall.  I love getting cozy in a comfy chair and reading a book, or just watching the leaves float down from the trees.  I love the way it smells outside, the crisp cool air first thing in the morning and bonfires in the evening.  And the best accompaniment to it all is a steamy cup of hot cider, or, to kick it up a notch, Spiked Cider.  All the fall flavors with just a little extra kick.  It's also great for holiday parties.

Spiked Cider

1/2 gallon of apple cider
1 orange, sliced
1/2 tbsp pumpkin spice mix
spiced rum, to taste

-Pour half gallon of apple cider into a crock pot and turn heat to low.*
-Add orange and pumpkin spice mix.  Stir to combine.  (I use pumpkin spice mix because it has all the flavors I want in one container.)
-Allow mixture to come to desired temperature.
-Add spiced rum.  I used approximately two shots, but you can add as much or as little as you want depending on how strong you like it.
 -At this point you can turn the setting on your crockpot to "warm" and keep the cider toasty warm for hours.
-Ladle into mugs for you and your family and friends to enjoy!**

*You can also do this in a large pot on the stove with the heat on low.
**A fun party addition: Place a cinnamon stick in the each mug as a garnish/stirrer.

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