Wednesday, May 30, 2007

UPS Truck

When I was a kid, the UPS truck was a thrilling sight. It didn't stop at our house often, and I don't know why I never made the connection that it always stopped on someone's birthday month (a little early, a little late, depending on how much Grandma had going on). The packages always seemed to come at such random times, which made it that much more exciting.
The box would seem gigantic - full of all our favorites treats that mom didn't buy on a weekly basis. They were things Grandma and Grandpa spoiled us with. Any other way, and they wouldn' be treats.
Swiss Cake Rolls, Nutty Bars, homemade cookies maybe. Whatever junk food they knew we'd love.
And of course the birthday girl or boy would always have a card and some wrapped presents inside, but with all the snacks it seemed like a present for us all!
It was big deal when it was your birthday and your box - everyone had to wait until you were there to open it. Or maybe that was just me.
I guess as we got older getting packages wasn't as exciting, or maybe we saw Grandma and Grandpa more so it wasn't as necessary. I know it picked up a little in college which always made me so happy - a little taste of home. Yes, you can taste home in a pre-packaged Little Debbie Snack Cake. At least I can.
I don't get many packages anymore. Usually its something I bought myself. And that's ok, I like that everytime I pass a UPS truck on the road or see one go by my house it fills me with this completely nostalgic, exciting childhood feeling that I couldn't get from anything else.

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